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Programmer Analyst (Elmhurst, NY). Design & develop & implement info. Sys. Appli. utilizing C#.Net, Entity Framework 5.0, Lambda Expressions, WCF, TFS, Spring Framework.Net, SOAP UI, WCF Routing, NuGet, Office COM Objects, XPATH, XAML, Moq, Application Extender(AX); developing GUI utilizing Visual Studio.Net; design& develop RDBMS utilizing SQL Server 2008/2012. Travel to various unanticipated client locations within the United States for short and long term assignments. Must have Bachelors* in Computers/ Information Systems/ Business/ Related + 12 Months Exp. Prog. Analyst/ QA Analyst/ Manager/ Developer/ Related. (*any suitable combination of education, work experience & training found to be equivalent is acceptable to the minimum requirements.) Respond to CompuTech Computers, Inc., 40-24 76th Street, 2nd Floor, Elmhurst, NY 11373.

Sr. Network Engineer (Elmhurst, NY) Analyze & design & implement for advanced network system solutions for c/s; install & configure in WAN and LAN systems setup; setup VPN and firewall ports; implement protocols, RIP, OSPF, IGRP, BGP, CDP, HDLC, PPP, SLIP; establish & configure TCP/IP IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, & Net BIOS protocols; migration of RHEL 5.2 to RHEL 5.4 & Solaris 8,9 to Solaris 10; create Virtual Guests on the host systems using the Red Hat Virtualization Manager & Hypervisor; create & manage the virtual images from NFS/iSCSI storage pools; install & configure Directory Server, Directory proxy on Solaris 10 & Identity Synchronization for Windows; migrate Directory Server 5.2 to DSEE 6.3; setup & tuning of Red-Hat Kernel parameters for better performance; install vendor binaries & proprietary software, utilities, compilers, databases & licensing. Travel to various unanticipated client locations within USA for short & long term assignments Must have Bachelors in Comp./ Electronics/ Electrical/ Related + 60 months exp. as Net. Eng./ Sys. Eng./ Net. Admin/ related. Respond to HR, Computech Computers, Inc., 40-24 76th Street, Elmhurst, NY 11373.

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